Japan Time : 5/26/2024, 3:26:06 AM
      Indus Trading Japan
How To Buy

The success of Indus Trading Japan lies in its simple and easy buying process. We have aligned our processes in a manner that it allows customers to choose, purchase and have the vehicle delivered to their port in the least possible time. In a very short span of time, we have achieved and maintained a large number of repeating customers which again defines the strength of our smooth buying process.

Our Order Process

Select the Car

Customers have repeated chosen us over the years for their purchases as they are always able to find what they are looking for on our website. With vehicles updated daily, you will be easily able to locate the vehicle that best fits your need and budget.

Place the Order

Once you find the vehicle of your choice, fill out a simple form on our website and our customer representative will get back to you giving you complete details on your chosen automobile. If you decide to purchase the vehicle, your order will be confirmed and you will be given an invoice.

Make the Payment

Indus Trading Japan provides the most flexible payment options in the market. To proceed forward, you will be required to make the payment as per the invoice sent.

Shipment of your vehicle

After initial or full payment is made, as per the decided terms, we will ship the vehicle to the destination/desired Port at the earliest. You will be also sent a shipping schedule, giving you complete details on the delivery of your vehicle.

Delivery of Documents

The documents required for customs clearance will be sent to the customer through courier services. The documents sent to the customers include:

  • Export Certificate
  • Bill Of Lading
  • Final Invoice
  • Marine Insurance (if required)

Vehicle Delivery to the Port

The vehicle will be delivered to the port as per the schedule, which will be communicated to you. It is suggested that you bring all the documents for the clearing process so that the process can be completed smoothly.